On the 07th September 2012, Phela Giving Back in collaboration with Radio Eldos FM hosted the first annual Girls Leadership Camp. We launched a nomination process and selected 12 young underpriviledged girls aged between 13 and 17 years of age from Eldorado Park. The camp was held at the Vaal Marina, where they were trained in leadership skills, mentored by professionals in our community and started a development program that will take a year. The aim and goal of this program is to give these young girls the tools and skills to become leaders in the community in their own social surroundings, in education and in their careers. Thes are the ladies that attended the first PGB/EldosFM Girls Leadership Camp:

Michelle Cooper, Bianca Kater, Sade Cornelius, Camilla Jacobs, Olivia Jacobs, Avaroza Duiker, Lesley-Anne Du Plessis, Ashley Paulsen, Maxine Jackson, Jamie Jacobs, Aliyah Fearick

Start Soemething Day - Girls Camp 139 Start Soemething Day - Girls Camp 159 Start Soemething Day - Girls Camp 161 IMG00559-20120908-0957 IMG00625-20120909-1515 IMG00627-20120909-1515 IMG00573-20120908-1104 IMG00553-20120906-0956


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  1. I simply just love what you guys do!! with my new job i hopefully wish i could join you guys make a difference in peoples lives!! Daniella *Dee* Cox

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