Monthly Archives: December 2012

3. Our Mission


* To aid the Jo’burg South communities by creating awareness of the effects of Substance Abuse.

* To cast a lasting focus on the vulnerability of children and the youth in the absence of a positive influence in    their Community.

*  To impress on the importance of an active participatory ethos among the youth in relation to the social             ills surrounding them.

*  To establish a relief & safety house/facility for children and the youth who have been affected by these             social injustices.

*  To create opportunities for the youth through skills development.

*  To introduce diversion programmes.

*   Within this period assessments will be done by social workers and medical professionals to determine the       suited treatment or program for rehabilitation.


2. Our Vision


Phela Giving Back is the leading Non-Profit Organization bringing together all the community stakeholders and governmental departments to create a safe, healthy crime and drug free environment in the Booysens region for community members,youth and families.

1. Our History