•  41.1% of children aged between one and thirteen in Eldorado Park display stunted growth from chronic malnourishment. 

The Phela Giving Back Nutrition Project aims to provide early identification and treatment        of malnutrition in children between birth and thirteen years of age, as it is vital that children are adequately nourished at this stage to ensure appropriate development through to adulthood.  A professional nurse assesses the adequacy of the local children’s nutrition and prescribes a re-nourishment programme for each child.  If the malnutrition is HIV-related and cannot be reversed through a feeding programme alone, these children are referred to an appropriate clinic or hospital. Going beyond just providing food for the community’s children, the Phela Giving Back team refers primary caregivers to programmes that teach them income generating skills and how to plant and maintain food gardens.  Other training offered to the families includes educational talks on nutrition, basic child care and stimulating the pre-school and primary school child.

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•  83% of children from 0 – 13 have both parents alive, but only 32,8% live in the same household as their parents.

Many of the children  supported by Phela Giving Back live in granny-headed households or in foster care with extended families, as a result of being orphaned or having been abandoned by their parents.  In response, all our services have a strong psychosocial focus to provide support both to the children and their families.

Services include counselling, support groups, memory books, formalising placements, and assisting families to access government services such as applying for birth and death certificates and social grants.

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•  Monitoring and Evaluation.

All Phela Giving Back programmes are monitored through the use of statistical data, as well as via monthly progress reports submitted to the PGB Committee. These reports evaluate progress in relation to project objectives. Our personnel also undergo quarterly performance reviews, while supervision reports are submitted by project managers to measure the impact and efficacy of each project. Finances are monitored by measuring performance to budget and this information is submitted monthly to the Finance Committee for review. Quarterly or half-yearly progress reports are submitted to donors on request.



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  1. I think what you guys are doing is absolutely amazing! God bless your souls! I was so touched by the stories, I just sat and cried! Keep it up!

    • Hi Angelique, I totally agree with you. Once people have moved out of our townships and living in suburbs, they totally forget where they came from and forget about the struggles that the people are going through, especially the children. This campaign is dedicated to make people aware of the lives of these children and to remind them that our kids are dying due to drugs, rape, poverty, etc.. Thank you very much for taking an interest in our stories and if you would like to help, please e-mail me on wayne@phela.co.za. I will let you know how…

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