Imbali Foundation joined PGB Feeding Scheme for a heartwarming feeding day at our premises located at Church of the Nazarene in Kersiedorp, Eldorado Park. Melanie Sarjoo fromThe  Business Guru and Imbali Foundation, Michelle West from Imbali Foundation and Davina Pillay from The Business Guru helped us to cook the meal, play with the children and disg our the meal as well. We all had a wonderful day. Thank you very much Imbali Foundation for your contribution to change the lives of these beautiful children… Here’s some photos of the day..

imbali 1 imbali 6 imbali2 imbali3 imbali4 imbali5 imbali7 imbali8 imbali9 imbali10 imbali11 imbali12 imbali13 imbali14 imbali15 imbali16 imbali18 imbali19 imbali20


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